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You can buy a hearing aid anywhere, but the technology is only as good as the provider fitting it.

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We base your treatment on five simple, yet hard to come by principles. It’s what sets us apart.

5 ethical principals for better hearing...

At Clark Hearing, Inc we base your treatment on five simple, yet hard to come by principles. It’s what sets us apart.

  1. Independently owned and operated since 1986: We’ve got the knowledge and skills to fit hearing aids that can only be acquired by 30 years of experience. We provide hearing aids from all manufacturers to make certain you’re get the right one for you.
  2. Ethical pricing: we have no incentive to prescribe technology other than what is best for you and your lifestyle. Our pricing is transparent so you know exactly what you’re paying for.
  3. Accurate diagnosis: we only employ the most qualified Hearing Instrument Specialists. Your hearing aids are only as good as the person programming them, and we’re the best!
  4. Evidence-based treatment: we only prescribe treatments when medical evidence shows us you actually need it. We will never sell you something you don’t need.
  5. No sales commissions: We reward our team for making you happy, not for selling hearing aids.

Beware of Big Box Chains and Mail Order Hearing Aids

Big Box Chains and Wholesale Retailers

  • Have a retail model based solely on your transaction.
  • They are mandated to SELL a menu of multiple outdated or defeatured product lines.
  • The hearing aids they sell are locked with programming software that can only be accessed at big box or wholesale retailers. You’re stuck with them because other hearing providers, audiologists, and specialists are unable to adjust or reprogram the hearing aids.
  • They simply see you as a number that is required to keep their hearing aid store open.
  • Don’t be fooled by their low prices! You’ll end up paying for it later.

Mail or Internet Order Hearing Aids

  • Buying a mail or internet ordered hearing aid without first being examined by a professional to determine the cause of the hearing loss can be a waste of your time AND money.
  • FDA-required quality controls cannot be assured.
  • Poor quality, cheap hearing aids have the potential to damage your hearing even further.
  • Mail or Internet order hearing aid companies won’t be there to help you when the hearing aids don’t function as you expected. You’re left without any type of service arrangement for cleanings, repairs, or adjustments.
  • Most of these “hearing aids” are non-custom sound amplifiers, which won’t help you if you can’t hear certain frequencies. A true hearing aid is a complex medical device that needs to be programmed by a Hearing Instrument Specialist so that it meets your personal hearing needs.