STAP Information

The Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (STAP) is a voucher program that provides financial assistance to Texans with disabilities that interfere with access to the telephone networks for the purchase of specialized assistive equipment or services. The type of devices available under the program can be found here.

How to Apply

To be eligible for a voucher, you must complete a DARS3906, Application for Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (STAP), provide Texas proof of residency as listed on the application, and have the application certified by one of our Hearing Instrument Specialists. It can take up to 90 days before an application is processed. Once your application is approved, a voucher is issued for the specified voucher and sent to the applicant via mail. The voucher must be brought in to our office, where we will exchange your voucher and order your specified device. When the device arrives, you will come back to our office to pick it up.

The STAP Application can be found here.

To be eligible for assistance from STAP, a person must:

  • be a resident of Texas;
  • have a disability that interferes with his or her ability to access the telephone network;
  • be in a situation where no other person in the household with the same type of disability needing the same type of equipment has received a voucher for equipment, unless the people in the household are financially independent of each other;
  • not have received a voucher for any specialized telecommunications equipment or services before the fifth anniversary of the date he or she exchanged a STAP voucher unless, before that anniversary, he or she needs a different type of telecommunications equipment or service because of a change in disability. For more information, see 5.2.3 Change of Disability; and
  • be able to benefit from the telecommunications equipment or service provided by a voucher.

Equipment Available to Purchase:

Equipment Available to Purchase with STAP
  • TTY, large visual display (LVD) TTYs
  • Amplified phones and ring/flashers
  • Voice carry-over and hearing carry-over telephones
  • In-home notification systems for phone
  • TTY software
  • Other adaptive equipment needed to connect to the telephone system

STAP typically covers the cost of most phones included in our voucher categories.