Hearing Services

Hearing Evaluation

We offer comprehensive hearing tests that thoroughly check your hearing using various frequencies, tones, and speech. After this simple and straightforward exam, one of our Hearing Specialists will review your audiogram to determine the cause and best course of treatment for your specific hearing loss.

To learn more about how we assess hearing loss and the different causes of hearing loss, click here.

Hearing Aid Fittings

Most people that experience some type of hearing loss can find relief with hearing aids. Unfortunately, selecting the right kind on your own can be difficult. Our hearing specialists will be with you throughout the important process of choosing your first hearing aids. We’ll be there to do all of the necessary tuning and programming so you can be sure you’re always hearing at your very best.

Hearing Aid Batteries and Accessories

We offer a wide range of hearing aid compatible accessories that allow you to hear your TV, cell phone, or home phone clearly and easily through certain hearing aids. We also offer assistive listening devices, augmentative or alternative communication devices, and alerting devices for the hearing impaired.

Additionally, our high-performance, Power-One hearing aid batteries are made in Germany and designed specifically for premium, high-technology hearing aids, offering unparalleled battery life.


We service most makes and models of hearing aids whether or not they were purchased from us. Please call to see how we can help you.


Got a dirty hearing aid? Whether or not the hearing aids were purchased from us, we can clean them for you to make sure they are performing at their very best.

Ear molds

We can create a variety of ear molds for various purposes such as sleep and listening to music through custom made ear buds.

Specialty and Custom Products - Westone

Specialty and Custom Products

We are proud to be a Westone Preferred Provider of Pure Music custom audio ear buds, DefendEar custom hearing protection earpieces, and DefendEar recreational earpieces.

To learn more about Westone custom earpieces, click here

Occupational Hearing Protection

We offer many different solutions for people who are exposed to loud noises due to their occupation or preferred recreation. We have hearing protection options for musicians, hunters, swimmers, industrial workers, motorcycle riders, and anyone else seeking protection from sudden or constant loud noises.

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