Hearing Reviews

Barry & Karen's attention to my hearing loss gives me inspiration to keep trying to listen better. The longer you can supply what I need to hear to my full potential adds years for me to stir away from having 2 cochlear implants. Since 1999 you have given me individualized hearing care. Through 5 sets of hearing aids, I am pleased to be one of your success stories.

Ardeth A. (The Woodlands)

I really like these...They've made such a difference... My kids are so happy...

Barbara R. (Magnolia TX)

I have found over the years that Barry Kienholz Hearing Aid Centers excels in the four primary requirements that are of utmost importance to me. They are integrity, cost, service, and new cutting edge technology. On this basis, I have recommended him to a number of my friends who have been equally satisfied with Barry Kienholz.

George H. (The Woodlands TX)

I met Barry and his staff about 13 years ago when he began providing services for my elderly mother. Since 2004, he has been my hearing aid provider. I have found Barry and his staff to be professional, honest, and trustworthy in providing hearing aid services and assistance.

Rodger B. (The Woodlands TX)

For almost twelve years I have benefited from the professional counsel and services of Barry Kienholz to enhance my ability to hear. It has been a really positive experience to know this congenial gentleman; to enjoy the rewards of his up-to-the-minute technology and treatment; and also to know of his generous good works to help those in other geographic areas who are in great need of professional hearing services. I have the utmost confidence in the help I receive from Barry Kienholz and his staff.

Marion L. (The Woodlands,TX)

Barry, I just wanted to drop you a note to say “Thank You” for suggesting the Phonak nano aids. They are fantastic! With my job situation requiring constant indoor to outdoor, safety glasses, sun glasses, reading glasses, I put the Phonak nano aids in around 6:30 AM and leave them in until around 11:00 PM. Most importantly I can hear clearly all day and in all conditions. My only problem is that I had to place a note in front of my alarm clock to remind me to take them out before going to bed. Now that’s a problem everyone should have. Life is good when you can hear it!

Jan M. (Kingwood TX)

I have required hearing aids for many years and have been the client of several specialists. After being cared for by Barry Kienholz and his staff, I can testify that none demonstrated a higher level of skill, expertise, compassion, and business integrity.

Billy P. (The Woodlands TX)

I am a Woodlands Resident, Native Houstonian, working with my 4th Law Enforcement Agency in over 40+ years of service. I have been coming to Mr. Kienholz’s office since 2001. I always receive a pleasant greeting uupon my arrival. My needs are always met in the most expeditious and professional manner from the entire staff. Any problems are always rectified immediately. I have used two other hearing centers in the past; yours is the best. Quality professional service at the lowest price possible, and timely notices of hearing and hearing aid checkups –all of these things keep me coming back.

Tony K. (The Woodlands Texas)

Dear Barry, I want to thank you, with all sincerity, for being a true and caring professional hearing aid specialist. You have gone that extra mile for me and it is time that I let you know how much I appreciate you and your staff. In this paganistic and self centered world it is refreshing to know that professionals like you are willing to give freely of your time and expertise to help people in need who cannot afford help. May God bless you abundantly! Deus caritas est!

Melvin F. (Tomball TX)

Barry Kienholz has done an excellent job for both my mother and me for over twenty-three years. The assessment of need and the recommended equipment has been excellent. The continuing service is without equal. We have helped several of our friends find him.

Ruth H. (Conroe TX)

Before I met Barry, I was not convinced I had a hearing problem. Only my wife kept assuring me I did. After visiting with Barry, he ran a series of tests, discovered I wasn’t hearing all the tones, and fitted me for hearing aids that are barely visible. I found Barry to be not only very professional, but also sincere and caring. When I had a problem with one of the hearing aids (he had to return it to the manufacturer) he worked quickly to have it replaced and gave it his highest priority, proving again that he cares about his patients.

Bob P. (Waller TX)

Dear Barry,

We want to thank you not only for the care and attention you have given to us, but also your kindness and care that you gave Sarah’s mother over the years. You have been very generous to us and we feel that in addition to taking acre of our hearing problems you have become our friend.

We want you to know that we have and will continue to recommend you to those we know who have hearing problems. We are convinced that God directed us to you many years ago when your office was in Tomball. God knew that we would need your help down the road.

Thanks for much for taking care of our family. “The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” Prov. 16:9

Jack and Sarah W. (Tomball TX)

...My auditory needs and the environment I work in are challenging to say the least. Barry has often gone over and above what is expected to see that those needs are met...

KD Jost (The Woodlands TX)

I have been a customer of Kienholz Hearing Centers for over 13 years. If you need them hearing aids make a huge difference in your life. Barry Kienholz has always been open, patient, fair, honest, and available during all of the phases of the hearing and hearing aid process. I am thankful for Kienholz Hearing Centers and can’t imagine purchasing my hearing aids anywhere else. I have and will continue to, recommend Barry Kienholz to my family and friends.

Terry S. (The Woodlands TX)

I am very grateful for the competency and expertise of Barry Kienholz. His caring and patient manner made the transition from denying hearing impairment to the world of hearing a positive change. His knowledge of hearing instruments gave me critical advice in choosing the hearing aids that are appropriate for me. Thank you for enhancing my connecting with life around me through again having the ability to hear well.

Nancy C. (Tomball TX)

Client since 2001

You can get hearing aids at lots of different places, but for personalized service go to Kienholz Hearing Centers.

Mario G. (Spring TX)

I have needed professional assistance in managing my hearing difficulties for more than 60 years. Since moving to The Woodlands in the 80s all my hearing concerns have been assisted by Barry Kienholz. Barry always does the right thing, the effective and helpful thing, quickly and with a pleasant manner. I have so appreciated his being there and knowing he will provide the best service available anywhere! Barry Kienholz Hearing Aids is truly a consumer friendly and reliable company and can be trusted for all hearing needs, all the time! Years of exemplary service are witness to quality received! I do appreciate your being there over the years!

Nancy L. (The Woodlands TX)

I have lived in The Woodlands for 20 years, and for about 18 of those years Barry Kienholz has been my hearing aid man. He had diagnosed my problems and my needs as they have developed over these years, and his recommendations for correction have proven very helpful. I believe there is no 100% recovery of my hearing loss, but he has enabled me to regain a good portion of it.

Warren J. (The Woodlands TX)

Dear Barry,

About 20 years ago my hearing got so bad that I had to do something. A friend mentioned your name and after a considerable amount of testing you fit me with my first hearing aids. The result was much improved hearing. Much more than I expected.

When problems arose over the years, mostly of my own making, you were always available with the correction. That follow-up service was very much appreciated. It has always been easy for me to recommend your excellent service to others. I hope your professional services are available for many more years to come.

Robert B. (Spring TX)

I have been relying on Kienholz Hearing Centers for more than twelve years. During this time I have found the company’s products and services efficient and reliable in meeting my hearing aid needs. I strongly recommend Barry and his staff to serve anyone with hearing problems.

Ed B. (Spring TX)

When I lost some of my hearing several years ago, one of the things I wanted most was reassurance. When I first met Mr. Kienholz, he very much put me at ease with his warm but professional manner. On the personal side, he patiently explained the tests he would perform, the “mechanics” of my ear, and my particular hearing loss, and later, how to wear my hearing aid.

On the professional side, he has been, and continues to be, current with all the newest technology available to help his patients enjoy their hearing to the fullest.

Patricia M. (Spring TX)

You’ve taken good care of our family for so many years. You’ve helped 3 generations over here (mom and dad in the 90s, now me and my son). You are so good to have gone to the nursing homes to take care of my parents. And you’ve taken such good care of me. Your good care has always meant so much to us.

Audry G. (Tomball TX)

Oh my goodness–I heard my humming bird! And at church I heard every word for the first time in years!

Great Thanks!

Cara K. (The Woodlands TX)

I have been a very satisfied client for how many years now? It was such a happy day for me when you convinced my husband Jack to get help. He denied he had any loss in his hearing until you showed him how it could be improved with the Phonaks. Well, our conversations improved and the TV volume was turned down!

Best regards to you and your staff. I always enjoy my visits with you.

Adah D. (Wooster OH)

I have always felt that Barry is super honest and a great person, even if he beats me in golf so much of the time! The way he treats each person that he meets, he is everyone’s “Personal Concern Hearing Specialist.” That, I feel, fits him to a “ T ”. I mean it when I say he is a great guy and I believe a very successful person in business, church life, and family life.

Wayne G. (Tomball TX)

I have been a client of Barry Kienholz Hearing Aids since January 1998. When newer and better technology was introduced I benefitted from it. Any problems with the hearing aids Barry has not only had repaired but he even loaned me hearing aids until mine were back from the repair lab. I am very satisfied with the service I have received from Barry Kienholz and his staff.

Bob E. (Spring TX)

Veteran of WWII

Barry Kienholz has always been good to me. And his staff, too. I depend on him to keep me in touch with everyone and he has never let me down.

Pete W. (Spring TX)

Thank you, Barry Kienholz, for helping me overcome my hearing loss. For 22 years you have patiently tested my hearing and provided the appropriate aids with your expertise in fitting. As technology had improved, you have provided the finest help available for hearing loss. I am so grateful!

Bess P. (The Woodlands TX)

I’m a retired elementary school teacher, who was able to teach many more years because of Barry Kienholz. I met Barry in 1999 when we moved to Houston. Teaching had always been a special joy in my life and I really wanted to continue. My hearing loss had declined over the years and I was having problems hearing and comprehending my school children. With Barry’s expertise, I was fitted in the latest technology that adapted perfectly to my hearing needs. Not only was I able to continue my career, I was also able to fully enjoy being with my family and friends. What he has done has made such a difference in my life. Barry continues to take care of me and insure that I’m hearing the best I can.

He has also taken care of my son. His life has changed so much for the better. He is amazed at what he was missing and what he is now able to hear.

My life has been blessed because of him and his dedication to helping others.

Emily G. (Spring TX)

Barry, we want to thank you for your help in fitting our hearing aids. When Lloyd and I need help – which is quite frequent – we always receive an appointment very quickly and our needs are corrected either on the spot or sent in and returned promptly. And thank you for supplying us with loaners if ours get sent in for repair. Thank you again!

Lloyd and Arvalene C. (Conroe TX)

I have used the Kienholz Hearing Centers since 1995 and each time I go into his office I always have the best experience. Barry has fitted me with several aids as the times have changed and each time I am amazed. I don’t expect any improvement and each time he proves me wrong. He takes the time to explain all of the advances in technology and then fits me with what works best for me and what I want. I have been other places, but Barry is the best! I will continue to recommend him to everybody who needs help!!

Cindy M. (Spring TX)

When I lost 80 plus percent of hearing in my left ear, I had heard about Barry Kienholz and decided to make an appointment to see if I could obtain a hearing aid that would help my situation. Barry tested me and explained what I needed to assist my left ear. That was in 1998. His office is very good about sending me post cards when the service is due. He and his office staff always makes you feel welcome. Since I was in the Navy, I enjoy looking through all the books he has in his waiting room.

William G. (Conroe TX)

Barry Kienholz is so knowledgeable about the best aids for your particular problem. When I first came to him 21 years ago I had been to two other so called hearing aid specialists where I had spent a lot of money and could not hear any better. Barry evaluated my hearing and determined that I also needed an aid in my left ear. I told him that the others said it wouldn’t do any good, they thought my hearing was too low in that ear. He said to try it for a month and if I did not think it was helping me he would refund my money in full. Well, we tried it, and it worked! It has helped so much to balance my hearing.

I have been with Barry ever since. Not only am I thankful for Barry’s expertise, but my wife is as well.

Harold G. (Pinehurst TX)

I have been seeing Barry Kienholz for my hearing needs for the past 20 years. Over the years, Barry and his wonderful staff have provided me with exceptional products, care, and service. He understands and offers the latest technology, but, more importantly, he always takes the time to understand my specific needs so he can provide me with the best products possible. I have stayed with Barry for such a long time because I know he is truly concerned about one thing – improving the quality of my life. The fact that he is a great person and does wonderful charity work in Latin America is just icing on the cake. He knows his stuff, but what makes him special is that he ALWAYS puts the well-being of his patients first. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

Tom R. (The Woodlands TX)

I feel as though I am the only appointment of the day when visiting Barry Kienholz Hearing Aid Centers.

Barry’s knowledge of “up-to-date” technology of hearing aids is most impressive. The adjustments to my hearing aid are always quick and sure so I can hear again!

Derah S. (Conroe TX)

I have known Barry Kienholz since 2004. He has always been fair and honest with me regarding my hearing impairment. He went out of his way to make me feel at ease with using a hearing aid, and his advice has always been in my best interest. He is a very caring individual putting my disability as his top priority. Accordingly, I recommend him and his clinic very highly.

Lloyd S. (Magnolia TX)

Thank you, Barry Kienholz, for your over 20 years of friendship and compassion shown to my daughter Patti, whom is mentally challenged. Thank you for correcting my hearing problem. Patti and I have always received excellent service from Barry and his staff. I would recommend Barry Kienholz to anyone that wants someone they can trust.

Margaret Z. (Cypress TX)

It all started when a rich lady told me that I couldn’t hear. I turned to Barry Kienholz Hearing Aid Centers in a panic. That was in 2002. I felt my job was at risk. Though I thought I could hear, those around me were too kind to say anything.

My fear was what would people think when they saw me wearing hearing aids. I soon observed that they thought nothing. They wanted me to continue to be successful. Today, something in your ear is almost normal. I often observe that I can even hear better than some.

The cell phone was my biggest challenge. Barry adjusted my hearing aids until we got the cell phone just right. At times I noticed Barry wearing a hearing aid. Though he hears just fine, he wanted to experience the amplification his clients were hearing.

He is never in a rush. He gives me the time I expect. He does not double book, so I am usually seen close to my appointment time. Barry really knows the technology of the various brands and styles of hearing aids. He has fitted me with what I need, which are virtually trouble free, hands free, and adjust automatically to the environment.

Don J. (The Woodlands TX)

Barry Kienholz has been my hearing specialist for 18 years. He is a “special” person who threats all his clients as if they were the only ones he cared for. He is very professional, as is his staff. He returns phone calls in a timely manner. He keeps informed on the latest advances in the industry. His practice has grown and grown and he still finds time for the personal interest. Although I now live in Hawaii, I still prefer to have Barry take care of my hearing needs.

Lorraine G. (Kailua Kona, Hawaii)

What would distinguish one hearing aid specialist form another above and beyond training and state-of-the-art equipment? I have consistently found Barry Kienholz to be a remarkably kind and generous man, obviously a man of faith even though words to that effect have never actually been spoken in his professional line of duty. He gives all my questions careful and patient consideration and has been genuinely interested in the best possible adjustment of hearing devices for my difficulties, giving me additional appointments at no additional charge when necessary to achieve that end. I recommend him without reservation to all my acquaintances.

Susan B. (Magnolia TX)

My husband died 11 years ago. Barry Kienholz took care of his hearing for over 19 years. During that time it became necessary for me to get hearing aids. We’ve gone to Barry all these years because as we got to know him as a person we trusted his judgment as our friend. Through his testing he knew if we needed stronger hearing aids. His equipment is up-to-date. He is always willing to answer our questions in between our regular visits. His office help is always obliging and pleasant.

I highly recommend Barry Kienholz for your hearing aid needs and I have recommended him to many of my friends. The ears are so important to us. Take care of yours!

Doris H. (The Woodlands TX)

Mr. Kienholz provides outstanding service & expertise in the field of hearing problems and amplification.

I certainly refer him to everyone.

Genevieve W. (The Woodlands TX)

When I realized I might need help with my hearing, a friend recommended I see Barry Kienholz. I have since recommended several of my friends to him. He is fair, honest, and has your best interests always at the forefront of his thinking. Besides all that he treats you like family!

Ed C. (The Woodlands TX)

I was prompted me to seek help for my hearing when realized I was missing parts of conversations with my wife, family and friends. Though I had initially brushed it off, as my hearing and understanding faded I knew I needed to do something.

I had flown in the military for 24 years and then did 15 more years in civilian jets. My ears had taken a beating. Simple conversations stressed me out. More and more I was reading lips. The strain on my relationships with family and friends told me the time for denial was over. I needed help.

Taking that first step was a little difficult. I prided myself on the fact that I was a pilot. Physical fitness and quick reflexes are important. But my eyesight had already been corrected. Now another tool, my hearing, needed help.

I earnestly searched for a professional, caring, well recommended hearing aid center. My dad, a retired heavy equipment operator of 35 years, had a serious hearing loss and used Barry Kienholz for his audio needs. He was always treated with respect and caring. His slightest need was promptly handled. In fact many of my dad’s friends also used Barry with only the best of recommendations.

So my choice became obvious . . . vist Kienholz Hearing Centers. To make a long story a little shorter, I could not be happier with the service and excellent product provided to me since 2008.

Barry thoroughly examined and tested my ears using modern equipment and computer analysis. He explained all the steps. He filled me in ahead of time on what I might expect and what devices were available, all of which alleviated much of my anxiety. I was insistent on quality, and he recommended the Phonak system, a state-of-the-art manufacturer. Once the new devises arrived, it was hard to believe all that I had been missing. I could not be happier. It was good to be my old self again.

Barry is a consummate professional and a genuinely good person. He is easy to talk with on many levels, and gives you the sense that he cares about you, the whole person. His service stands the test of time. He is there if you have questions or are in need of any adjustments. I highly recommend Barry Kiebholz Hearing Centers to anyone with a hearing problem. He is there for the long haul.

Charlie T. (Conroe TX)

Thank you Doc,

For being so nice, courteous, and patient, most of all patient seeing that I was fitted, and had the kind of hearing aids that suited me.

I know I was a bit impatient, in getting all of my paperwork. But you stuck with me. By the way, they will soon get my ride right!

Wilma A. (Waller TX)

When it became necessary for me to get a hearing aid some good friends highly recommended Kienholz Hearing Centers in The Woodlands. I went there, had a hearing test, and was fitted with a digital hearing aid. I’ve had it nearly 6 years and have been completely satisfied. When I go in for a check up and cleaning I am treated with courtesy, respect and very professional service. When you need a hearing aid or aids I recommend you go to Kienholz Hearing Centers.

Shirley F. (Conroe TX)

Dear Barry,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for taking care of my hearing loss needs over the years. One of the challenges of growing older is to maintain good hearing to keep in touch with our loved ones and friends.

You have not only recommended quality hearing aids but continue to be faithful in adjusting them as needed to keep my hearing sharp.

Thank you,

Jack Frey

Jack F. (Tomball TX)