Staying Active with Hearing Loop Systems

Staying Active with Hearing Loop Systems

When we think of hearing loss, seldom do we think of yoga. Yasa Yoga in California is the only yoga studio located in the Western United States that utilizes a hearing loop system. Thomas Kaufmann, a yoga enthusiast and owner of OTOjOY, encouraged the implementation of this system to aid hearing-impaired individuals during yoga classes.

Hearing loops involve the installment of a copper wire within the entire room’s perimeter so that sounds made using a microphone can be amplified for those using a hearing aid. The sounds are amplified using electromagnetic conduction that works in collaboration with the telecoil function installed within hearing aids. This means that only those with hearing aids will be able to hear the amplified version of the sounds, without disrupting the sound quality or volume for those with regular hearing.

Kaufmann’s company OTOjOY is a California-based company that supplies hearing loop systems to public locations as well as for personal use at home. Hearing loops are assistive listening devices which can constantly conduct amplified sound automatically to hearing aid users as long as their telecoil function is turned on.

The American with Disabilities Act (1990) requires that all public places should be equipped with accessibility options for those with impairments. This requires schools, public transportation systems and other public places to provide ramps for wheel-chair accessibility, as well as assistive listening devices such as hearing loop systems for the hearing-impaired.

Thanks to hearing loop systems, those with hearing damage can continue to enjoy an active social life and get the most out of their experience while attending group classes. Assistive listening devices help hearing-impaired individuals resume their active lifestyle, make new friends and keep themselves fit and happy. Enhance your quality of life with hearing loop systems.