Hearing Devices through the Years

Hearing Devices through the Years

Hearing aids have been used in various shapes and sizes across the centuries. The first hearing instruments to make their presence felt in history were the ear trumpets. These devices were the early predecessor of modern-day hearing aids and originated around the year 1650. They became popular in the 1700s and continued to be in use until as recent as the 1960s.

Ear trumpets were rather bulky and therefore cumbersome to use, which is why they are no longer used today. The birth of the telephone boosted hearing device technology to the next step of assistive hearing devices which used sound amplification. However, early models were overly hefty and required users to carry a big box around their necks. Needless to say, this approach was rather impractical and did not stand the test of time.

Hearing aid technology later began to focus on decreasing size and improving functionality. Vacuum-tube powdered hearing aids were used in the 1950s, which were later replaced by the transistor-based hearing devices.

The 1970s saw the birth of multi-channel hearing devices that enabled users to select their own personal frequency to suit their environmental and listening needs. Contemporary hearing aids now use digital technology and microprocessors to provide better sound clarity and advanced features. Modern-day hearing aids are superior in their effectiveness as well as inconspicuous.

Various celebrities have been known to utilize hearing aids to rectify their hearing. From the pages of history to modern-day celebrities, people have used hearing aids to their benefit. Renowned musician Ludwig Van Beethoven used the hearing trumpet in the 1800s. Former presidents of the United States Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton were also known to wear hearing aids.

Even Hollywood actress and former Oscar recipient Jodie Foster uses hearing aids to rectify her hearing. Hearing loss is no longer as stigmatic as it once was. People with hearing loss who use hearing aids go on to lead productive, successful lives. If you feel that you or someone you love might have hearing loss, make sure you get your hearing tested by a hearing care professional today.