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Formerly known as Kienholz Hearing Centers

We understand your busy lifestyle and want to help you make the most of it. We want to make sure you never miss a memorable chat with your grandkids, an important conversation with a colleague, or the punchline of a friend’s joke. With improved hearing, you’ll be ready for all of life’s best — and often unexpected — moments.

Our Hearing Instrument Specialist has helped all kinds of people in all kinds of professions. From war veterans, pilots, bus drivers, teachers, police officers, and ship captains to students, lumbermen, farmers, and refugees; we’ve helped them all find relief from the stress and strain of hearing loss. And we can help you too!

We are personally owned and operated, and not governed by quotas like other hearing aid practices. We offer no-money down, 12-month interest-free financing, and a risk-free trial with a 45-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Our clients are our family; the same person who helped you on your last visit is here to take care of you on your next!

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Meet the Staff

Hearing Staff - Kienholz Hearing Centers

Who We Work With

Seniors – Age-related hearing loss is perfectly normal. A regular checkup will determine if you need hearing aids. Early intervention is important so that your brain does not have to “relearn” how to hear after an extended absence of sound. Do not miss out on social interactions due to a hearing loss.

Adults – Adults at any age can experience hearing loss. Many adults have noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) due to their profession such as musicians, law enforcement, military personnel or those who work around noisy machinery. We can help you determine if you have a hearing loss, provide you with hearing protection earplugs and we can often work with your employer to monitor noise levels and provide adequate protective equipment. Learn more about noise-induced hearing loss and hearing protection.


Every insurance policy is different and you may or may not have hearing aid coverage. Please contact your insurance provider before your initial evaluation to verify that you have hearing aid benefits. For your convenience, we can also contact your insurance provider on your behalf.